Thursday, March 26, 2015

Frisco, TX officer Derek Speedy Rupley conspiring with a convicted criminal to frame innocent man.

Frisco Police Department officer Derek Speedy Rupley advised a convicted criminal to file a false report on an innocent man as leverage in a custody battle. The woman then waited 6 days until officer Rupley was working desk duty (on 2/14) to file the false report. Officer Rupley knowingly took the false report. If you are interested in hearing the explosive details of police corruption in open court, join us this Friday 3/27 at 9 AM in 401st District Court Collin County Courthouse 2100 Bloomdale Road, Suite 30030 McKinney, TX 75071. 
"Use the complaint as leverage for him to settle. Tell him the complaint will go away when he settles". We'll be there...stay tuned, more to come.