Monday, March 28, 2016

Sarah Hamilton

This person is violent, a liar, thief and con artist.  She had a child molester living in her home.  Lookup Darren Paul Miller on the Denton County Records website.
Now she has another violent predator living with her. Threatening to bash people with a bat and abusing children.  Of course, Frisco PD sit by and do nothing.  Now the sheriff department is looking into it.  Buyer/Seller beware doing business with these violent, criminal unhinged, lying people.  All of this is well documented.  We have irrefutable proof. 
Of course, the trash continues to live a lie. Jury trial, proved she's a liar, a fraud and that she made up an incredible story.  Thankfully the truth came out.  Yet, she continues to be a delusional liar.  Putting children in danger.  Videos proving it all.  She continues to attempt to get the man she falsely accused back in her life.  But that will NEVER happen.  Video proof of that as well.  Research this liar...